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Nordic Open Masters 2017

(1. august 2017 17:40)

Friday 6. October and Saturday 7. October 2017

The competition will take place in Vesterbro Svømmehal, Angelgade 4, 1765 København V. The event will take place in a 25mpool, 6 lanes, depth 1,1-3,8m, with scoreboard.

Session 1. Friday:      15:30
Session 2. Saturday:  08:00
Session 3. Saturday:  14:00
(organizers reserve the right to change in times)

Session 1. Friday:      17:00
Session 2. Saturday:  09:00
Session 3. Saturday:  a.p. 15:15
(organizers reserve the right to change in times)

Age groups Age groups (individual) :
A 25-29 years, B 30-34 years, C 35-39 years, D 40-44 years, E 45-49 years
F 50-54 years, G 55-59 years, H 60-64 years, I 65-69 years, J 70-74 years
K 75-79 years, L 80-84 years, M 85-89 years, N 90-94 years, O 95-99 years

Relay groups (sum of the competitor's age):
A 100-119 years, B 120-159 years, C 160-199 years
D 200-399 years, E 40-279 years, F 280-320 years
G 320- years

Order of events

Session 1. 17:00 Friday October 6
1 400m Freestyle, Men
2 400m Freestyle, Women
3 50m         butterfly, Men
4 50m         butterfly, Women
5 100m Breaststroke, Men
6 100m Breaststroke, Women
7 100m Backstroke, Men
8 100m Backstroke, Women
9 200m Freestyle, Men
10 200m Freestyle, Women
11 4x50m Freestyle relay, Men
12 4x50m Freestyle relay, Women

Session 2. 9:00 Saturday October 7 
13 100m Freestyle, Men
14 100m Freestyle, Women
15 100m Butterfly, Men
16 100m Butterfly, Women
17 50m         Breaststroke, Men
18 50m         Breaststroke, Women
19 100m Individual medley, Men
20 100m Individual medley, Women
21 200m Backstroke, Men
22 200m Backstroke, Women
23 800m Freestyle, Men
24 4x50m Medley relay, Men
25 4x50m Medley relay, Women

Session 3. 15:15 Saturday October 7
26 4x50m Medley relay Mix
27 800m Freestyle Women
28 200m Individual medley, Men
29 200m Individual medley, Women
30 50m         Backstroke, Men
31 50m         Backstroke, Women
32 50m         Freestyle, Men
33 50m         Freestyle, Women
34 4x50m Freestyle relay, Mix

Deadline for registration is September 9., 2017.
Entries must be made as wingrodan or lenex file with attached print. Those files plus "Entries and Dinner” must be sent to:
Entries with "no time" will not be accepted.

Only swimmers representing a club, member of a club affiliated with FINA are eligible to enter.

Registration fee
Induvial 75 DKK.
Relay 150 DKK.
Farewell party 225 DKK
The registration fee should be paid at the same time as the entries and should be paid not later than September 9. 2017

The total amount should be preferably being transferred to:

Reg. no.: 9877 Account no: 000 645 7770
IBAN: dk05 3000 0006 4577 70

It is possible to make a late entry registration. Late entry fee will be charge at DKK 230 personor relay team/event.

Danish clubs are only to pay for the farewell party by the 9. September. Payment for entries will be send by the Danish Swimming federation after the competition.

Entry cancellation
Must be made no later than 1,5 hours before each session start to the secretariat. Late ornon-cancellation will be charged at DKK 230 per person or relay team/event.

Relay participants
Name of the relay participants should be submitted to the competition secretariat no laterthan 1,5 hours before prior to the session including the event. If a relay team needs to change age group, it is regarded as a cancellation and a late entry. Late entry fee must be paid.

Entry lists
Will be available at www.svoem.org and www.danskemasters.dk

Medals will be awarded to the top three swimmers in each individual event, and to the winners in each relay.
Medal ceremony will take place doing the competition.

Farewell party
The farewell party will take place Saturday evening at 18.30 (at the earlies – depending the competitions) at:

Jens Jenssensvej 20, Frederiksberg.

There will be a deluxe buffet and a bar will also be in function, with a variety of beverages/drinks.

Danish clubs have to participate with referees according to the following:
Under 10 starts: 1 timekeeper in at least one session
10-19 starts:1 timekeeper in all sessions
20-49 starts: 1 referee with at least level 2 in all sessions
50 and more: 1 timekeeper + 1refferee with at least level 2 in all sessions

Names of the referees must be send to tilmeldinger@danskemasters.dk together with yourentry no later than the 9. September. Remember to list level of education.

Non Danish clubs are welcome to participate with referees as well.

Questions regarding the Nordic Open Masters 2017 event, please contacts:

Helen Haas +45 20306761 or helen@danskemasters.dk 
Charlotte Them +45 28149130 or charlotte@ksk.dk

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